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We have invited a selective group of Danish artists and designers to show their work and products in our showroom. 


Please meet our talented and skilled collaborators below.

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Creative studio in Copenhagen by Sascha Anthony. 

All resin vases are unique and handmade in her studio in central Copenhagen. Sascha Anthony vases are colorful with a milky or seethrough finish.

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Focused on honest design and quality manufacturing, Veark makes everyday kitchen tools with industrial quality that add character to your cooking and stand the test of time.

The brand Veark was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen by two friends, one from Denmark and one from Germany.

The brand name Veark [vɛrk] is a hybrid between the danish word „værk“ and the corresponding german word „Werk“, meaning: work, something you have created, as in „the work of an artist“.


Our idea as a brand is to make honest tools that will not only physically last, but will also spark joy for a long time. 

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Christian Bruun's career started early. He was 8-years old when he got a taste for sitting at the turntable and working with clay.

Since 1991, Christians Bruun has had his own workshop under the old grandstand at Charlottenlund Travbane.

Christian Bruun's works are part of the permanent collection at Designmuseum Danmark and at Clay Keramikmuseum Danmark. Christian Bruun has been awarded several scholarships, including from the Statens Kunstfond and he has won several awards for his craftsmanship.

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Omhu studio is a Copenhagen-based arts and design studio founded in 2019 by designer Belinda Rasmussen. Belinda holds a master degree in fashion design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design and today the studio creates interior design and objects.


With her inherent love for materials Belinda explores tactility and haptics in the relation between object, garment and the body. Her work aims to stimulate the senses by creating a space for reflection and feeling of touch. Her work is naturally in the field between art and design with a high emphasis on craftsmanship and aims to create  longevity where the consumer feels a higher sense of attachment to the objects.


Belinda is also a designer at Skall Studio.

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Kbhavn Group is a Danish design company with a mission to create reusable products for families around the world. 

We believe that reusability is key to sustainable living, and that good design and durable quality plays a vital role. Our collections are exclusively designed by our designteam and carefully made by hand here in Denmark. 

This way, we can present beautiful, long lasting products at affordable prices, and do our bit to make the world a better place. 

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Kristina Lula is a danish designer and artist based in Copenhagen.


With a conceptual approach, she experiments with natural materials in form of sculptural and functional objects. The shapes and colors of nature are a great inspiration for her works and an attempt to recreate the same energy and feeling when surrounded by beautiful and magnificent nature. All objects are made from an intuitive approach, driven by an inner mood, build and textured by hand from a mixture of hemp shiv, lime and water.


Contrary the expression, the surface is smooth and soft, using bees wax as surface treatment that protects and adds beautiful structure to the objects.

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Understated yet refined, iril creates audio systems to the highest standards.


Materials that age with grace, aesthetics that live beyond trends, technology carefully selected to remain relevant also tomorrow - all fused into a deceptively simple music experience.

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Ruby Atelier is a gallery collecting vintage objects and exhibiting works of selected contemporary artists. 

All objects are unique - one of a kind - carefully selected from all over the world.

Our vision is to give new life to the old - create an atmosphere that reflects both history and craftsmanship at the highest level.
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